October 20, 2016


After 70 years of service to customers around the world, Allen and I have decided to retire.   We will close our doors effective 11/15/2016.

It was decided by the board of directors, that rather than selling the company and name, over which we would have no control, the company will be liquidated. Dan and Martha Rader, together with John Alley started this small family-owned wholesale business in 1947. It didn't take long for Alley & Rader to be known in the industry in  the  United States  and abroad for their knowledge, honesty, integrity, large inventory (119 product lines) and  same day shipping.

Following the passing of both Mr. Alley and Mr. Rader, the company responded to changes in the wholesale industry. Large “chain” wholesale companies became abundant in the late 80s.    By then, the company was owned by Martha Rader and the four children.   We made a bold move and began a new concept as an emergency source to wholesalers, with nine product lines, each fully stocked.  Alley and Rader became a Master Distributor.

Orders placed prior to November 15, 2016 for “in stock” items will be processed. Any items not in stock will be cancelled.


We will continue to receive payment of invoices at the company address:

PO Drawer 660

Burlington, NC 27216



Office is CLOSED


We are grateful for your loyalty through the years, and would like to say THANK YOU to all of our customers for their support, and to the Factories that we have represented.




Jeanne Rader Phillips, President

Allen E. Phillips, Vice President

Ann Rader Pfisterer, Personnel Director

David M Scoggins, IT/Webmaster